Architectural Walks in Plymouth

After years spent walking around Plymouth and exclaiming how diverse the architecture is here I have been invited by Dr Timothy Mowl to put this interest into a book. Under Tim’s kind mentorship scheme I will be spending the next few months researching and walking much of the city in preparation for a guidebook on architectural walks in Plymouth. The book will take a similar format to Tim’s fascinating book on architectural walks in Bristol, which gives an depth and entertaining view on Bristol’s architectural past.

More information on Tim’s architectural walks in Bristol and his mentoring scheme for researchers working towards publication can be found at


The Plymouth Art Weekender 23rd- 25th September

Stack of Hopes and Dreams paper 2016
Stack of Hopes and Dreams paper, Rosie King, 2016

The Plymouth Art Weekender is nearing and it is once again looking to be a busy few days with events and exhibitions taking place throughout the city. This year I have been part of Visual Arts Plymouth, the producers of the Weekender, so I am especially looking forward to seeing the results from all the artists involved in the event. I have been creating two new pieces of work after months of testing out some new ideas and materials, and working at a smaller scale, so I’m looking forward to showcasing these pieces for the first time during the Weekender.

Come find me at:

Sister, Sister  Sat 24th- Sun 25th Sept, Studio 2.1 Plymouth School of Creative Arts, 10am -4pm

Entroducing… Sat 24th- Sun 25th, KARST Studios, 10am- 5pm

Full Weekender events listings can be found at 


Off to the Bucharest Biennale

Thanks to a travel bursary from Visual Arts South West and PAC Home myself and curator and photographer, Martyn Windsor, will be attending the Bucharest Biennale in May. There we will be reporting on the the exhibits, making links with artists and organisations, and soaking up the atmosphere of this vibrant event!
We will publish a written report of the Biennale after the visit, but follow us on twitter for updates during our time there, we’ll have artist interviews, video updates, and reviews in 140 characters.

Bench awards ceremony at Commune exhibition Sunday 13th Dec

Quick Guide to Bench Spotting (1) Front

Join myself and Rachael Gomery, artist and visual arts co- ordinator at the Bread and Roses, for an afternoon celebrating the humble public bench.

We will be marking and awarding the best bench award (St Saviours area), hosted by the Plymouth Bench Spotting Society.

Open to all.

Join us on Sunday 13th Dec, 1pm, St Saviours on Lambhay Hill.

Free and no need to book.

Quick Guide to Bench Spotting (1) Front