Portfolio for Master of Fine Art Application at Glasgow School of Art

An Alternative Map of StonehouseMap Side 2 v3 (1) copy

An Alternative Map of Stonehouse / A5 Booklet / 2014 / Supported by Real Ideas Organisation

An Alternative Map of Stonehouse was created in response to the idea of using a space free of its associations. In collaboration with a parkour coach and a graphic designer we used Parkour, a non- competitive sport that focuses on freedom of movement, to map Stonehouse (Plymouth).

Where the Evidence of the Everyday Resides

The evidence of the everyday once was here

Where The Evidence Of The Everyday Resides / Text / 270 x 413cm / 2015 / Made For The KARST Graduate Residency 

Where The Evidence Of The Everyday Resides was the result of a 4 month walk through Stonehouse (Plymouth). During a time of radical redevelopment for the area the text acted as a temporary monument to forgotten, in between, and over looked spaces.

Walk Along a Promise for Not Open Studios 2015

Walk Along A Promise / Performative Installation In Princesshay Shopping Centre (Exeter) / 2015 / Commissioned By Not Open Studios Exeter

The performative installation consisted of chalk lines that traced to size planned buildings and gardens for Princesshay onto the existing area.  The plans were taken from the 1946 post war city guide for the rebuilding of Exeter produced by the town planner Thomas Sharp. 

Architecture + Topiary, Video, 2016- credit Rod Gonzalez.jpg

Architecture And Topiary / Video With Found Footage / Duration: 34 seconds / 2016 / Exhibited At Plymouth Art Weekender 2016

Architecture and Topiary is a 34 second mash up of hyper reality used in advertising. Whilst focusing on the symbolic architecture used in bikini razor adverts cracks start to appear as the adverts stutter and quiver unable to hold tight their hyper real world.

ICONS, Dual Screen Installation, 2017, TOPOS (Exeter)

ICONS / Dual Screen Video Installation With Found Amateur Footage Of Towers And PR Videos For Towers / Duration 1:09 / 2017 / Exhibited At TOPOS (Exeter)

Big towers have big dreams.

And promo videos.

Golden tongued honeys whisper sweet nothings as the camera sweeps upwards puncturing the sky. Meanwhile across the way a shakier counterpart appears to record another don’t miss moment.

Rosie King- G O N E (preserve us)- Images Nightclub.

Link To GONE (preserve us) Exhibition Text By Lizzie Lloyd

G O N E (preserve us) / Excerpts From Three Screen Video And Sound Installation / Duration 7:57 / 2017 / Supported By Arts Council England, Visual Arts Plymouth, And The Gane Trust / Accompanying Text By Lizzie Lloyd / Premiered At Plymouth Art Weekender 2017

There’s a village, a pretty village you might say. One full of character purrs the local estate agent. Or ghosts, full of ghosts some would say. It’s National Trust nice with untouched white fishing cottages perched above crumbling cliffs.

Enter a cartographer, a geologist, and a psychic.

Now time warps and bends in the village as a contemporary archaeological dig erodes a postcard present to reveal unpreserved pasts and multiple futures.