An Alternative Map of Stonehouse

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An Alternative Map of Stonehouse | A5 Booklet | 2014

An Alternative Map of Stonehouse was created in response to the idea of using a space free of its associations. Parkour, a non- competitive sport that focuses on freedom of movement, was used to map Stonehouse (Plymouth, UK). The project tests the boundaries of conventional maps as it focuses on freedom; yet control is inherent to the form of a map.

The map, alongside a basic Parkour ‘how to’ guide, was made into a booklet and left in various youth, art and sport sites around Plymouth. A free Parkour session was also given to local young residents where the maps were used to explore Stonehouse.

With many thanks for all their help:

Luke Pitcher (Graphic Designer)

Kyle Perkins (Parkour Coach)

Project supported by RIO